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Our caregivers provide emotional and social support, which involves uplifting conversations, intellectual stimulation, engagement in games and activities, transportation, accompanying you on walks, reading books, tagging along on errands, and much more! 

Personal Care

We are here to help! We are available to provide hands on assistance and support to help with your everyday living skills: 

  • Oral and personal hygiene 

  • Personal safety home evaluation

  • Outpatient pre- and post-op care

  • Feeding

  • Bathing

  • Toileting

  • Ambulation

  • Dressing and grooming

  • Reporting conditions and changes to supervisory RN and/or physician

Medication Reminders

Our caregivers will help to ensure that your medication is managed in home by ensuring that medication is organized, administered on time and given as prescribed. Caring for an aged loved one or if you are in need of medication assistance it can become difficult to manage multiple medications, which often results in forgetting to take the prescribed meds, doubling doses, and side effects. Our goal is to prevent these errors from occurring. 

Bathing Assistance

Our caregivers assist in maintaining personal hygiene and developing a routine, which is essential in our everyday lives. This can be hard and stressful to do on our own. We want you to look and feel good! We will always maintain dignity and respect when engaging in self care activities. We help to ensure that bathing is safe and comfortable for you! 

Light Housekeeping

Our Light housekeeping services allows us to complete daily chores to assist in organizing your home and maintaining a safe and clean environment. These services include cleaning, clearing away dishes after meals, laundry, wiping down spills, changing bed linens, taking out trash, sweeping and vacuuming floor, and dusting off surfaces. 


Our caregivers are trained in helping to choose appropriate clothing and assisting with dressing. We are guided by our clients and help them where help is needed. Caregivers ensure that they ask permission and when given permission they inform clients of what they are doing prior to doing it. Caregivers works at a steady pace and help with assistance with getting dressed, providing baths, maintaining oral care, and assistance with daily hygiene. 

Toileting Assistance 

Toileting assistance can be less stressful and can prevent falls. This can be an activity that can feel uncomfortable or a source of embarrassment for anyone. Our goal is to overcome that barrier by providing supportive care to achieve ADLS such as toileting to improve health outcomes. Our caregivers assists by being patient and supportive, cleaning up any accidents discreetly and promptly, offering reminders to go, recognizing signs to go such as pacing and agitation, and using incontinence supplies.

Laundry Assistance 

Laundry can be a burden to everyone and even more problematic for the elderly, or those with limitations. We are here to take on this task for you! We will keep up with this task to make it more convenient and less stressful for you. Digging through dirty clothes or not able to find clean clothes for the day, let us organize your closet and dresser with your clean clothes today! 

Individualized Care Plans 

We involve you, your caregiver/personal care worker or designee and other staff members in developing your individualized plan of care for services. Your plan is based upon identified problems, needs and goals, timeframes, your environment and your personal wishes whenever possible. Medicaid clients and some payers require physician orders to receive personal care services. Abundance of Generational Health Care  will obtain orders from your primary care physician.  It is important for you to notify Abundance of Generational Health Care if there is a change in who your primary care physician.

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